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Aroma cleaning offers housekeeping and commercial cleaning services with your happiness being our biggest priority. We couldn’t agree more with the saying “clean space, clean mind.” This is why we finish each cleaning with the highest quality of Chakra Aromas. With the combination of a freshly cleaned home and Chakra Aromas, we enhance the energy of your home and work place to ultimately support your purpose.

Cozy Living Room

Home & Apartment Cleaning

Pay for each service whenever you want, no long term contracts!

Office & Commercial Cleaning

Run and manage your business, we’ll do the cleaning! We have experience in all sorts of industries.

Moving In/Out Cleaning

Tiles, walls and bathtubs cleaned and disinfected, Shower and shower doors cleaned and disinfected. Click below for more details!

Last Minute Cleaning 

Feeling too anxious and need it done now?

Commonly Asked Questions

Carrying Cleaning Supplies

Insured & Bonded?

Absolutely! We’re providing the utmost value in every sense of the way. Rest assure that we’re doing our job to provide a safe and positive environment for everyone!

Buddha Statue

Chakra represent the 7 spinning wheels of energy that affect our health and well-being (inside and out).


We get this question a lot since we do use “cleaner” cleaning products than your average cleaning service. The answer is YES! Our CFO created a strategy that allow us to remain competitive in the market, while still going above and beyond with our to-die-for Chakra Aromas!


What’s Chakra Aroma?

Our Products

Calming, Inspired Scents.

Microfiber cleaning cloths and mop that eliminate germs and bacteria.

Made with essential oils and thoughtfully chosen ingredients.

Cruelty Free Formula.

Chakra Options

Chakra One

Feel grounded when the root chakra is balanced.

Chakra Two

Feel nourished when the pleasure chakra is balanced.

Chakra Three

Feel intention when power chakra is balanced.

Chakra Four

Feel harmony when the heart chakra is balanced.

Chakra Five

Feel expressive when the throat chakra is balanced.

Chakra Six

Feel insightful when the Intuition Chakra is balanced.

Not sure which one you need? Call us, we’ll help recommend one!


Contact us!

Phone number: +1 (718) 530-8441


Monday-Friday 8AM-8PM

Saturday-Sunday 8AM-3PM

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